Daiichi Gomu

Size 25, Black Unisex Foldable Rubber Boots

This item is not currently available
Daiichi Gomu Unisex Rubber Boots are crafted in Hokkaido, the northernmost region of Japan, prone to heavy snow in winter. Their soft, supple combination of natural and synthetic rubber construction makes them uniquely compactable: each boot comes with its own sturdy rubber band used to tie each boot into a compact bundle.

They also feature an expandable vent at the back of each leg opening, making it easy to slide them on and off with ease, while their simple buckle closure allows you to adjust the opening for a snug fit.

—Heel: 0.5inches (1.3cm)
—Available sizes:
- Size 24: Men's 6 / Women's 7 (24cm)
- Size 25: Men's 7 / Women's 8 (25cm)
- Size 26: Men's 8 / Women's 9 (26cm)
- Size 27: Men's 9 / Women's 10 (27cm)