RO/LU with Various Projects at Patrick Parrish Gallery

RO/LU at Patrick Parrish Gallery

Surfaces On Which Your Setting
and Sitting Will Be Uncertain

With clothing designed by Various Projects and
produced in collaboration with Print All Over Me

Thursday, September 4, 6–9 pm
Patrick Parrish Gallery
50 Lispenard Street, New York

On view from September 4 through October 4

Surfaces On Which Your Setting and Sitting Will Be Uncertain is a group of sculptural furniture objects by RO/LU with matching clothing by Various Projects in collaboration with Print All Over Me. The work will be on view as the inaugural show at Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York from September 4th through October 4th. The opening will take place Thursday September 4th at 50 Lispenard Street from 6-9 pm.

RO/LU continues to explore “art history as a material” by starting with very literal information from existing works and reinventing through intuitive connections to others. A collage of the past and the present—Superstudio’s Quaderna line, environmental installations by Ettore Sottsass, Scott Burton and James Lee Byars’ utilization of man as a symbol object—along with intangible new ideas that emerge through action. The objects, made from welded wire mesh, seem to change when one moves in their presence, in some way becoming different with each step taken around them.

Extending ideas embraced and explored by the Mono-ha movement in late sixties Japan and current philosophers like Bruno Latour, RO/LU and Various Projects explore the “life of things”—the belief that objects, images, and ideas included—have their own agency and won’t simply sit still under someone’s watch, on someone else’s terms. In fact, what makes them compelling is precisely what animates them, what they want, and how they behave when they are set loose into the world. In other words, objects, images, and ideas have lives to live. Suddenly we are interested in getting closer to these objects, establishing a poetic proximity that will allow these things to teach us in ways no person could.

Various Projects’ four square dresses, track suits, bangles, scarves and turbans—produced in the same grid pattern as RO/LU’s objects—act as a playful “meta-mirror” and encourage a sort of performative approach to our everyday interactions with the living world around us.

RO/LU is a studio based in Mpls/St Paul that works on art and design related projects. Started as a landscape office in 2003, through an “open practice and commitment to collaboration,” their sprawling body of work now extends to sculptural furniture, participatory art, video, writing and conceptual projects. They were the 2012 Open Field artist-in-residence at the Walker Art Center, and in 2013 Matt Olson represented the studio as a Robert Rauschenberg Foundation artist-in-residence. Their work has been shown internationally.

Various Projects was formed by Elizabeth Beer and Brian Janusiak in 2005 as a multidisciplinary design collaboration. This is their second collaboration with RO/LU. They had the pleasure of participating in RO/LU’s residency at the Walker Museum of Art in 2012 by creating garments for museum visitors to wear in endless reconfigurations, allowing them to engage through their own “performance” in the space.

WZ / Shame Launch at PN8/Ace Sept 3

Join us in celebrating Francois Mitterand, Eric Gill,
the ortolan, peep shows, addictions and our latest issue:

White Zinfandel No. 5

September 3, 2014
Project No. 8/Ace Hotel
22 West 29th Street, New York
7–10 PM

Special music by artist Davide Balula, performed by Elizabeth
Phillipson-Weiner and Andrew Niess

A cocktail menu created in collaboration
with Alexander Hamilton Vodka

Hands Off, a limited-edition glove set designed by With Projects, Inc.,
sponsored by Paloma Powers and The Shop at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.

Special thanks to Good Company, Kristian Henson, Rob and Lisa Howard,
Cavan Huang, Fanny Karst, Kellie Konapelsky, Yang Li, Andrea Lipps, Various Projects, Michal Skiba, Forest Young.

Arp Announces Pulsars e Quasars EP

We’re excited to hear about the new Arp EP, Pulsars e Quasars.

Go to the link to find the title track and a full track list of the EP at FADER.

By Karen Wong

We are so happy that all of Karen Wong’s writings are now collected in one place.
Karen Wong is the Deputy Director of the New Museum where she cofounded the initiatives IDEAS CITY which explores the future of cities with the belief that art and culture are essential to our metropolises, and NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator for art, technology and design. For the first time her writing has been collected for our reading pleasure.

“A Playful, Design-Centric Gallery and Shop Pops Up in East Hampton”

Check out this New York Times article on our pop-up with Grey Area in East Hampton!

“Two gallerists, a design retailer and a creative director walk into a bookstore. The punch line? One might imagine a battle of egos, but that’s not the case for Kyle DeWoody, the community-minded owner and creative director of Grey Area, a Brooklyn-based gallery and design consultancy responsible for a series of exhibitions this summer at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller in East Hampton. After Horowitz asked her to take over the street-level and second-floor spaces within his bookstore, DeWoody opted to bring together people like herself — curators of art and tastemakers of design — to expose the talents they were most excited about. Called Grey East, the project has netted a series of splashy collaborations in an otherwise staid beach town…”

Read more on the link below!

 “A Playful, Design-Centric Gallery and Shop Pops Up in East Hampton”

Check it out in person at:

87 Newtown Lane

East Hampton, NY 11937

11AM -6PM

Jane D’Arensbourg at Project No. 8

Please join us at Project No. 8 at 38 Orchard Street on Thursday, July 17,
for the opening of an exhibition of:

Glass Sculpture and Jewelry by Jane D’Arensbourg
Thursday, July 17, 6-8 pm
Project No. 8
38 Orchard Street, NYC

With wonderful snacks by Chef Jonathan Wu and Fung Tu Restaurant

Project No. 8

38 Orchard Street (at Hester)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 925-5599
Open daily, 12–7 pm

I Knew Jim Knew


We are super excited to invite you to our book release and signing event at Project No. 8 / Ace Hotelthis Wednesday, July 16, and would love for you to join us as we celebrate one of our new favorite books!!

Also… we are happy that Jim Walrod will be on hand to sign a limited number of publications!! Don’t miss a chance to get one!

Knew Jim Knew
Jim Walrod

Wednesday, July 16, 7-9 pm
Project No. 8 / Ace Hotel
22 W. 29th Street, NYC

“He’s been called ‘the furniture pimp’ by Mike D of the Beastie Boys. He consulted on the period 1970s furniture and interiors for the movie The Ice Storm. For those in the know he is an absolute design guru. There are few people with a firmer understanding of the last 75 years of furniture, interior, graphic, and industrial design, architecture, and where they all meet in popular culture. Until now, unless you were fortunate enough to personally know Jim Walrod, you likely didn’t know all the amazing facts about those subjects swimming around in his head. Ask his friends after even the most casual conversation with him and they’ll shake their heads in amazement and say, ‘I knew Jim knew!'”

Project No. 8

Travel  /  Ace Hotel
22 W. 29th Street (at Broadway)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 725-0008
Mon–Fri, 9am–9pm
Sat–Sun, 10am–8pm

DTR by BFFA3AE @ 47 Canal

Don’t miss the super talented multimedia artist Daniel Chew with Micaela Durand as BFFA3AE
Thursday, June 26th
6 – 8pm at 47 Canal
They will be showing some old work and some new work
Afterwards three teens – who they met while teaching a teen class earlier this year – will perform
9pm at Swat Bar

Pablo Rasgado: Afterlife

“For his new series, Pablo Rasgado has delved into the depths of catalogues raisonnés, into the Bibliothèque Kandinsky at the Centre Pompidou and other fathomless archives in an attempt to recover lost images. You may argue that every research is an endeavour to retrieve or discover something that is lost or at least unknown. In Rasgado’s case however the objects he pursued had to remain lost in order to be singled out and reclaimed.

“Rasgado was searching for the blind spots of art history: The images that his serendipitous investigation has disclosed were those that have gone missing, that have been misplaced, destroyed, forgotten, or stolen at some point in their biography, whose provenance expired into the status ‘present whereabouts unknown.’ ”

From the essay “Dust and Shadow and Afterlife”

by Eva Wilson

Monochrome with eyes. After. Philip IV.
Dust, on Oil on Canvas
79 x 56 cm.


Pablo Rasgado
Booth S3
June 19-22, 2014

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